We have a fabulous contemporary styled bridal shoot to share with your lovely eyes today, put together by the very cool ladies at Most Curious Rose and The Wild Heart Bridal, and featuring a new Kent wedding venue that we think is going to be HUGE! Think white brick walls in a large industrial style barn where the old and new is perfectly balanced….

The Winding House is a renovated Colliery and it’s definitely a project worthy of “grand design” status.’ Alex and Nicole of The Wild Heart Bridal tell us. ‘It is unusual in Kent to find a wedding venue that is not shabby chic or quite traditional so when looking for a location for a styled shoot with a difference we all knew this place was perfect, and what with them being brand new the timing couldn’t have been better.’

The concept for the shoot was industrial chic with a look to injecting rose, gold and coppers to compliment the venue. The ladies wanted to keep the styling clean, sophisticated, unfussy, spacious and light.

‘We took 3 different bridal looks to The Winding House all with a different personality and vibe – The Contemporary Modern Bride; The Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride and the Relaxed Bride.’

What we love the most about this shoot is the table scape the girls have created. Using the white brick of The Winding House walls as their backdrop, the girls continued with their contemporary theme by using geometric shapes within the decor, stationery and cake. The colour scheme remained rose, gold and copper and this was all displayed beautifully on industrial style furniture with a white table cloth accentuating the shapes and colours further. More colour was then injected through the flowers making the overall result vibrant and really quite something, especially against the stark white of the walls and table cloth. We LOVE it!

Alex and Nicole talk us through each bridal style and the ideas behind that wonderful table scape.


The Contemporary Modern Bride

The dress we used for this look was Charlotte Balbier – Hanna – A modern satin full skirted gown with pockets, Yes POCKETS. This is a dress for the fashion forward bride. We paired it with a satin edged blush veil to enhance that modern look.

Models hair was kept simple and sleek for this look. Adding a subtle “Audrey Hepburn” look to the hair style to complement the 50’s style element of the dress.

For the make-up we kept it simple, fresh and illuminating.

This look was shot in the ceremony area of the venue. 

Winding_House_Shoot_2016_001 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_002 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_003 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_006 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_008 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_009 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_010 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_012 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_013 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_014 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_015 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_016 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_019 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_020 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_022Winding_House_Shoot_2016_021 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_024 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_027 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_028 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_029 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_030 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_032 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_034 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_035 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_036 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_040 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_041 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_042 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_044 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_046 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_048 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_051 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_052 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_053

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride

In this look the dress was Karen Willis Holmes – Anya – A full sequin cami style gown. Accessorized with a leather jacket, vintage ray bans and My Fayre favourite leaf head piece.

For the hair we kept the strong fringe from the Modern Bride but added some relaxed curls to create a more bohemian look.

We added rose gold tones to the make-up with pink lips and a little shimmer adding some drama to the eyes.

This style was shot in the garden area and by the cake in the “Party room”.

Winding_House_Shoot_2016_076 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_078 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_080 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_081 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_083 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_084 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_085 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_086 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_087 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_088 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_091 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_092 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_095 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_098

The Relaxed Bride

The dress was Elizabeth Dye – Dunaway – a 70’S inspired plunge neckline gown, open back in Chiffon. Accessorized with an ASOS gold feather headpiece.

Like the dress, we kept the hair simple and sleek.

As the dress and hair are plain in this look we added drama and depth to the make-up. Nude and pinkish tones were used taking attention to the eyes and enhancing the cheekbones.

This part of the shoot was captured in the dining area, ceremony drinks reception and entrance.

Winding_House_Shoot_2016_121 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_122 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_123 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_124 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_126 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_127 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_128 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_130 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_131

The Detail….

Flowers: yellow to represent the vibrant energy of Spring, peach to work with the rose gold metallic accessories, and a slightly clashing pink to bring some drama. The foliage was rather wild and the vases had a raw, industrial finish to reflect the history of the building.

Stationery: reflecting the distinct architecture, atmosphere and character of the venue. A clean, simple design was called for with strong shapes and colours, that would stand out in its surroundings.

The Geometric collection therefore uses a bold black and white shimmer colour palette with an eye-catching geometric pattern, perfect for the more adventurous couple who want to make a bold statement with their wedding stationery. The ‘brushed copper’ effect we’ve used is a great way to use metallics without the expense of actual foil blocking.

Cake: Ombre shades, geometric shapes, and copper accents feature on the wedding cake. Unconventional and Un-Pretty…. The cake is perfect for our 3 looks. The concept was cool, quirky and to clash with convention.

Winding_House_Shoot_2016_055 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_056 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_057 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_058 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_060 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_061 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_062 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_063 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_067 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_072 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_092 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_095 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_100 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_101 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_102 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_104 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_105 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_106 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_107 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_108 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_109 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_110 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_111 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_112 Winding_House_Shoot_2016_113

The Line Up

Photography: Love Pear 
Concept, Styling & Flowers: Most Curious Rose
Concept & Styling: The Wild Heart Bridal
Venue: The Winding House
Dresses: The Wild Heart Bridal – Charlotte Balbier; Karen Willis Holmes & Elizabeth Dye
Stationery: By Blossom Wedding
Cake: Bluebirds Bakehouse
Hair & Makeup: I Do Bridal Hair & Make Up

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