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I think that best way to start this article is to just say it outright; there’s no bigger trend than boho when it comes to interior and event design this summer. Phew, glad I got that off my chest, see y’all next week… But, seriously, all things boho are massive this year, which is music to our Festival Bride ears! The bohemian style is kinda busy: lots of amazing fabrics, textures, floor adornments, wall adornments, hanging adornments… you get the idea, which can make it a little overwhelming to coordinate in terms of a wedding reception. However, Bohemia also represents freedom and flexibility, which I believe extends into this decor trend. So, whether you employ all of our key notes, or just one or two, they’ll make for a perfectly free-spirited reception. Let’s jump right on in and take a look at the Festival Bride’s key style notes, shall we?

First up is what I’m affectionately coining as the ‘Throne’. Yes, all bohemian gods and goddesses need an elaborate, perfectly embellished throne and our favourite right now? The peacock chair. Arriving during the late 19th century in the West, Peacock chairs were imported from East Asia and primarily used as porch or garden furniture. Also (and for this post,rather aptly) known as the ‘Peacock Throne’ or the ‘Hour-Glass Chair’, they regained popularity in the 60s and 70s and after a brief hiatus, have again come back into fashion. They add the perfect dose of regality to your reception, framing you and your groom perfectly for any dinner/speech shots and they’re the most amazing keepsake; the one from our wedding is one of my favourite pieces and I’ll let you in on a little secret, I picked it up for £4 on ebay. One man’s trash is another very excited bride-to-be’s treasure!

Throne 1

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Throne 2

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Throne 3

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Throne 4

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Throne 6

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Throne 7

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You could go for something neon, or paint them a light pastel shade, add pompoms, tassels, drape them with richly coloured fabric or add a sheepskin… However you do it, they’re astoundingly beautiful and an essential for a bohemian queen and her king.

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this, but a bohemian reception wouldn’t be complete without a tent. The possibilities are unfathomably endless and pretty much anything goes; tipis, tents created from linking scarves or sarongs, little dens for putting wedding gifts in, large spaces as chill out areas or simply as a prop for your bridal portrait… Like I say, quite literally anything goes, and they’re all absolutely marvellous. Think mismatched patterns, a rug covered floor and an abundance of  cushions for that effortlessly cool, carefree environment!

Tent 1

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Tent 2

Image credit: Design Sponge

Tent 3

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Tent 4

Image credit: Spell and the Gypsy Collective

Now, you may already know that Festival Brides has a long-standing love affair with rugs (didn’t know that? Find out more here) and they’re most certainly another of our key style notes for a boho-themed reception, but I’d like to challenge how you see them. Yes, they look divine on the floor, and yes the more eclectic and diverse the better, but take a note out of the Nomad Styling book and try to look at rugs in a different light. Madness, I know, surely a rug is a rug, right? Wrong, they make perfect throws, wall hangings, backdrops and balustrade covers, or just try layering up several on the floor. As the guys over at Nomad said: ‘Styling is all about seeing things through new eyes, just because something was originally made with one purpose in mind, doesn’t mean you can’t use it for another’. Check it out…

Rug 1

Image credit: theLane

Rug 2 Rug 3 Rug 4

Image credits: Nomad Styling

Rug 6

Image credit: Wedding Chicks

Rug 5 a b

Image credit: H&M

And if your budget’s a little on the smaller side, but you’d love to embrace this trend, take a look at those last 2 rugs… Not only have H&M given you rugs for £19.99, but the collection also includes cushions and throws in a similar style, making those gorgeous mexican style fabrics affordable!

*Adds two to shopping cart*

Fully embracing the bohemian reception would mean taking on this next arrangement: floor level seating. Potentially tricky to undertake in some dresses, you might want to pre-warn your guests if you’re gonna take the plunge with this one, and it’d certainly be something to consider when choosing your wedding dress. Nevertheless, we love  this dining style and believe it’s totally worth the extra attire consideration! Simple to orchestrate, it works in a meadow, woodland and most definitely on a beach. Adorn tables with lanterns, provide a stack of cushions per guest and maybe a blanket or rug wouldn’t go a miss to prevent any unwanted grass stains! It’s casual, but it’s chic and that epitomises the laid back nature of boho. We LOVE.

Floor 1

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Floor 2

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Floor 3

Image credit: theLane

Floor 4

Image credit: Sitting in a Tree Design

Floor 5

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Floor 7

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Floor 8

Image credit: Oh My Lanaa

Just how ace are those palette tables?! I can feel a summer garden party coming on! If you love this trend, but you’re not sure it’ll work in a dining capacity, then why not consider a little outdoor cinema? I love this concept, it’s a dream of mine to set one of these up for a party, and I reckon it fits beautifully into the bohemian scene. Floor level cushions and little low drinks tables and you’re away! You could show your favourite indie movie, or a slideshow of nostalgic film pictures of you guys growing up, or maybe even set something up to keep your younger guests happy into the later hours of the reception. Again, it’s trés cool, super chill and therefore totally boho.

Floor 6

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So, now that we’ve been through the base level keys to bohemian styling, let’s talk finishing touches. Just as essential, attention to the finer details will really finish your reception off and add a level of sincerity to the bohemian feel of your theme. First up, all bohemian decor entails some form of hanging adornment, it’s just a must, okay? We’re loving full bodied ribbon garlands (i.e. a lot of ribbons, with rough edges and in an abundance of colours, textures and widths), handkerchief bunting (sheer, gently contrasting hues blowing in the breeze – just divine) and of course, the ever-magnificent festoon style lighting (you just can’t go wrong with a festoon). Hang them low and certainly not uniformly and you’re doing it right!

Floor 9

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HA 1

Image credit: Beehive Events

HA 2

Image credit: Crazy For Us

HA 3

Image credit: Rue Mag

HA 4

Image credit: Ashley Meaders

HA 5

Image credit: Yeti and the Beast

HA 6

Image credit: Kate Ignatowski

OK, so this really is a finer detail, but I think it’s kinda important. If you’re gonna go boho, I reckon you need to drink boho too. We’re talking casual bottles of unusual ciders thrown nonchalantly into a worn tin wheel barrow, or richly coloured glassware, mismatched in style and jewelled tones. It’ll solidify that laid back feel that you’re trying to emanate and add a burst of sumptuous colour to any table!

Drink 1

Image credit: theLane

Drink 2

Image credit: Oh My Wedding Planners

Drink 3

Image credit: The Gifts of Life

For something a little more desert wanderer cool than flowers at the centre of your table, for a truly bohemian take on greenery, we’re head over heels for the succulent. Use striking cacti as centre pieces, provide mini succulents as favours, or choose oversized pieced to add height and interest to an area of floor level dining; they’re the perfect not-too-delicate alternative to flowers for your bohemian reception.

Plant 1

Image credit: The Weaver House

Plant 2

Image credit: Gypsy Mess

Plant 3

Image credit: Beetle and Fig

Plant 4

Image credit: Quintessence Is

Finally, the finishing touches are all important and choosing a bohemian motif is a fine way to add a little je ne sais quoi to your decor. Perfect for injecting that top level of texture, colour and delicacy, our top three motifs are (of course) feathers, tassels and pompoms. Think garlands, little hung clusters, DIY cushion additions or simply scattered across a table – they’re the pièce de résistance of  your boho temple!

Motif 1

Image credit: Accidental Brilliance

Motif 2

Image credit: Bohemian Wornest

Motif 3

Image credit: Nomad Styling

Motif 4

Image credit: Ronnie Jones Home

Motif 5

Image credit: Urban Outfitters

Motif 10

Image credit: Zen Paradox

Motif 6 Motif 7 Motif 8

Image credits: Ruffled Blog

Motif 9

Image credit: Honestly WTF

Bohemian decor can be a little overwhelming to orchestrate, but between these key style notes and my closing tips I’m sure you Festival Brides are gonna rock this trend for your reception, just remember: it can’t be too colourful and in this case, more is more!

Much love,

Clare xo

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