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Happy Tuesday Peeps!

What do you get when you mix mini pineapples, patterned pillows, animal hides, a sparkly Sarah Seven wedding dress, a very cute little maid and a hand dyed Shibori fabric covered Tipi? Today’s very eclectic bohemian styled shoot of course!

Sent all the way from Savannah, Georgia and put together by the talented ladies behind fashion forward bridal boutique, Ivory and Beau, the aim of this shoot was to create a bit of funky luxury (yes I did just put those two words together in one sentence) in the middle of a field!

Adrienna and Nicole of Ivory and Beau tell us all about it….

A Bohemian Fondue

This bohemian fondue shoot was our very first shoot we did at Ivory + Beau with our gowns! We knew we wanted to use Teresa Earnest as our photographer, and our good friend Heather of Beyond Beautiful for hair and makeup. We lucked out when Heather’s sister was available to model, and she was perfect. Her blonde hair and gorgeous big eyes worked amazing with her smokey eye and braid wavy hair. One of our friends let her daughter model as our flower girl, and although she ate all of the strawberries and pineapples, she was super cute doing it! You can’t get mad at a hungry flower girl!

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A Tale of Two Gowns….

We used two gowns for the shoot. One was golden lights by Sarah Seven, a super fun and funky gold sequin gown that features Sarah Seven’s signature corset top. This dress is so much fun for a gown, and even comes in short, which is so popular with our brides for a reception gown! It’s a dress for a bride willing to be daring. The second gown was by Rebecca Schoneveld, and was one of our favorites when we first saw them at bridal market. We love Rebecca’s use of soft laces, stunning backs, and hand draped techniques. Rebecca’s gowns are a perfect mix of romantic and bohemian, and she is one of our favorite designers! The gold sash used was by Hushed Commotion, an amazing accessory designer out of Brooklyn that features funky accessories that our brides adore.

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Who Doesn’t Love Fondue!?

When coming up with a theme we wanted something that embodied our store and our bride, but also had lot’s of DIY elements. Our shop is a casual and funky bridal experience, with small scale handmade designers, so brides know they have a dress they can’t get anywhere else near by! We wanted to do a fondue for the dinner, because who doesn’t love fondue ?! We love the idea of having your guests share together, and really get to enjoy each others company. We made a teepee (which now sits in the corner of our shop!) for the setting, and surrounded it in lot’s of blankets, cow hides, and pillows. We wanted lot’s of texture and color, to make it not just bohemian, but comfortable. The bouquet was made by us, and features mini pineapples, turkey feathers, ferns, daisies, and an artichoke. We love fun bouquets with lot’s of unexpected elements!

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The Line Up

Photography: Teresa Earnest
Stylist and Concept: Ivory and Beau
Sparkle Wedding Dress: Golden Lights by Sarah Seven
Lace Gown: Diana by Rebecca Schoneveld
Gold Sash: Hushed Commotion
Bouquet: Ivory and Beau
Hair and Makeup: Heather at Beyond Beautiful
Stationery: Creative Porcupine
Flower Girl Outfit: Sara Jane Boutique



Wedding beauty on its way!

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