Your little sis, your oldest friend since childhood and your hilarious girlfriend from uni are all queuing up to be bridesmaid, and let’s face it, you wouldn’t choose anyone else either way. What’s more, each candidate all have their own unique ‘bridesmaid superpower’ that will be a total asset to you on your wedding day! However, how do you know who to choose for each job?

Fear not as the UK’s swankiest online jeweller that specialises in diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, The Diamond Store, have put together their ’50 Shades of Bridesmaid’ and we’ve handpicked a few which some of you may know well!


1. The BFF Bridesmaid

She’s your female soulmate and you share so much history that she knows what’s you’re going to say even before you think it. This girl has stood by your side through thick and thin, and she’s the one you’ll want by your side during the morning of the wedding.

2. The Organised Bridesmaid

You’ll call on her when the planning gets too much. Not just punctual and efficient, she’s a bit of a sergeant major too… She’ll make sure the other bridesmaids are on time and sort out any last minute problems if the table plan goes wrong on the day!


3. The Outgoing Bridesmaid

Get her to coordinate hen party games and help the guests mingle. She’ll keep you laughing through any stressful moments and she’s the perfect gal to make a speech if you wanna go a little unconventional?!

4. The Stylish Bridesmaid

She’ll match your mother’s antique brooch with a perfect pair of vintage style earrings and help you find a wedding style that takes everyone’s breath away.


5. The Crafty Bridesmaid

From wild flower arranging to silk origami, this girl, especially when paired up with The Stylish Bridesmaid, will make your wildest Pinterest dreams come to life!

6. The Veteran Bridesmaid

She’s been bridesmaid so many times she has a separate wardrobe for her dresses. Her experience will come in handy when she pre-empts problems with questions like, “Shall I prepare the flower girls’ baskets for you now?” Life. Saver.


7. The Sweet Bridesmaid

She’ll love on you and your wedding in a big way. Need someone to share a gushy post-wedding viewing of the wedding video with? She’s your girl! She’ll get so adorably emotional during the speeches that you’ll all be reaching into your bags to offer her tissues to blow her nose. Hella cute.

8. The Chill Bridesmaid

When things gets on top of you, she’ll whisk you off for a moment of deep yogic breathing and talk to you in a soothing voice until you’re ready to carry on with your day.


9. The Techy Bridesmaid

This girl can instantly identify the best wedding Instagram hashtag for you, and connect the right cable to get the microphone for the speeches working. Put her in charge of all things digital to make sure the ceremony music, speeches and the iPod playlist run smoothly.

10. The Reliable Bridesmaid

Trustworthy, conscientious and steadfast, you’d not only trust her with the rings, but your life! She’ll be up at 6.30am to make sure all your bridal essentials are ready and at the end of the evening she’ll make sure your Gran gets home safely.

shutterstock_306678056Love on them all in their uniqueness and thank goodness for girl friends, hey?!

Peace + Love

Clare X


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