We have been huge fans of The Plank Company and their cool and innovative timber domes ever since they joined our wedding directory a few years ago. They offer such a striking and unique space for your wedding reception and we just love how the geometric design looks inside. Created by hand, each dome comes with a section of transparent triangle windows allowing natural light to enter during the day and they also look magical from the outside in the evening. They lend themselves to any theme or style, be it rustic, nautical or festival and offer something completely different to a traditional marquee.

As part of our Festival Brides Love series, we asked The Plank Company to share their 5 top reasons as to why you should choose one of their domes….

1. Element of Surprise

There is nothing like watching the expressions on your guests faces as they walk into one of our domes. Looking up into the intricate web of timber struts and watching the natural light flood in. Everyone knows what to expect with a marquee, with the domes it can be your own magical experience to share with your nearest and dearest.

2. A Blank Canvas

The domes can lend themselves to any style or feel you need for your special day. Whether you are on the coast, in a valley or mansion house grounds the domes will always deliver the goods.

3. Hardy

The domes are like no other structure when the weather forecast is looking a little hairy. In the UK there is always a sense of the unknown when it comes to planning the perfect wedding and thats where the domes come into there own. No funny squeaks, no flapping panels and no dodgy leaks. You can take that extra worry away with the closest thing to having your outdoor wedding indoors.

4. Design and Durability

Not just a beautiful looking structure the domes tick all the boxes with natural light, our clear sections being able to take in the views and no lack of headroom (up to 6.5 m high) allowing full use of the dome footprint where other structures struggle.  completely unique configurations the floor plan options are endless.

5. Built and Designed by Us

Allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that not only the domes but the furniture you are using have been lovingly designed and hand made in house down in Devon by the sea.

For more information on The Plank Company please visit our directory or read our Q&A with them under Festival Brides Loves from 2016.


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