Take 48 couples, a big inflatable church, a reverend and his jilted, dishevelled brides; mix it all up with some awesome music, fancy dress and a big slice of mayhem and excitement and what do you get…………..48 Festival Weddings in 72 hours at one of the UK’s best loved music festivals – Bestival!

So what’s it all about!?

For the past 7 years, couples of all ages have been tying the knot, renewing their vows and performing numerous blessings within The Big Love Inflatable Church at Bestival, and this year was no exception with a grand total of 48 weddings taking place over the 3 day festival.

Whether you are engaged and want to practise for the big day, already married and want to renew your vows, or are single and want to marry your best friend for fun, a wedding at The Big Love Inflatable Church is an experience you won’t forget and one I will definitely be booking in for next year!

The ceremonies were performed by Reverand’s Nickerless’ and ‘Randy Johnson’ with the help of dishevelled bridesmaids, a mother in-law and a maid of dishonour!

Those wanting to get married booked up early on Friday to prepare themselves and their partner or partners, for a wedding they would never forget!

Isle of White based photographer, Chris Cowley, was on standby to capture every magical moment from start to finish and what a grand job he did too! His photos rock!


So how does it all work!?

Before the ceremony the bridesmaids dressed the groom and groomsmen in a variety of wedding dresses and suits of their choice. They then dressed the brides, who got to fulfil their fantasy of a semi traditional white wedding. When the groom, best man and any wedding crashers not in the bridal party were ready – they were taken to meet the Vicar who would be performing the ceremony. In the meantime the “Pamper Posse” looked after hair, makeup, face painting and offered calming massages to the bridal party. Each bride was pampered and made to look stunning for their special
moment as they were given away down the aisle of the Big Love Inflatable Church.

At this point, this is where the similarity to a traditional white English wedding ends and the uniqueness of a Big Love Inflatable Church Wedding begin!

The ceremony itself was far from conventional! The Reverend’s took it in turns to conduct each service where anyone and everyone were welcome. The congregation packed tightly into the church with the bridesmaids kneeling below the Vicar. At the end of each very risqué service music played and the congregation danced in celebration whilst the bridesmaids encouraged everyone to create an archway for the couple to exit through under their arms. The wedding certificate was then signed outside the church, whilst the bridesmaids gathered the congregation together for one big wedding photo as the group shouted “BIG LOVE”.


Chris Cowley said ‘whilst every wedding was memorable for its own unique reason, a few in particular services stood out from the rest, including an Island group who have gotten married every year at the Big Love Inflatable Church for the last 7 years. A pirate wedding who were getting married for their 3rd time in a row (this time in the presence of their new-born son), another wedding who were led down the aisle by Edinburgh brass band ‘Horndog’ and the grand finale which was a special wedding for the Inflatable Church company director Tristram (a former Inflatable Church vicar) and his partner Sophie.

Thank you so much to Chris for sharing these awesome weddings and photos with us – certainly brightened up our Friday! We can’t wait to share the fun next year!!!

A full gallery of photos from the weekend can be found online:

Have a lovely weekend guys!

Big Love,

Festival Brides x



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