We have a beautiful shoot to share with you lovely people today.

Put together by Hayley of Glory Days Vintage and in collaboration with wedding photographer Steven Eric Parker, MUA Faye Robertson and hair stylist Katy of Hula Hair, this 1970’s inspired shoot is the epitome of hippie wedding cool. From the subtle ‘rock n roll’ bohemian styling of the bride with her tattoos, layered jewellery, gorgeous vintage wedding dresses and smokey make-up to the beautiful bluebell woodland that provided such a stunning backdrop – there is a lot to love about this shoot.

Look out for the gorgeous feather necklace and headdress which we LOVE and the amazing vintage lace bolero that would look perfectly placed on the shoulders of a Festival Bride.

Hayley, Faye and Katy tell us all about the shoot….

Hayley: Steven and I have been trying to pull off a shoot amongst the bluebells for two years now, but due to the ephemeral nature of the bluebells (meaning we only have a very short window in which to capture them at their best) we’ve struggled to bring together a creative team, model, and good weather at such short notice until now! We’ve worked with the supremely lovely and talented Katy and Faye before and we all live fairly local to the bluebell wood so once everyone agreed they were willing to drop everything on a whim to do the shoot as soon as the blooms and good weather arrived it made it much easier this year!

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I always had in mind a 1970s hippie vibe with bare feet and anklets along with dreamy vintage dresses, but with an added element of rock and roll chic including tattoos and lots of jewellery. So I created a Pinterest board keeping in mind which dresses and accessories I wanted to use from my boutique, and the shoot sprung from there.

The actual day of the shoot turned out to have sunshine and showers to the extreme but we managed to dodge the thunder and downpours; it’s amazing what Steven achieved with the changing light as the dazzling sun danced in and out of the black clouds! Due to his photographic wizardry you’d never know how soggy it was in the woodland!

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Faye: For the makeup, we were looking to stay true to the 70’s smokey blended eye make-up but wanted to make an impact with the final result. We wanted to show that bridal make-up doesn’t need to be soft, muted, natural tones, but a statement of your personality and style.

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Katy: Imagining a most glorious of weddings held in 1970 at Glastonbury festival, through the hair styling we strived to give inspiration to brides – no matter how short their hair may be! We often get brides with shorter hair who believe that nothing interesting can be done with it, so that’s why we created these soft tussled waves and added the coloured feathers to incorporate the festival/70’s theme.  The feathers were all individual and were woven into a faux braid attached to the head; the colours worked really well with Faye’s dramatic eyes too!

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The Line Up

Dresses and Accessories – Glory Days Vintage 
Photography – Steven Eric Parker 
Hair Design – Hula Hair
Make Up – MUA Faye Robertson
Flowers – Joanne Keely Flowers 


Wedding beauty on its way!

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