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Happy Friday, lovely people! We’re taking a moment for ourselves with today’s 10 Ways to Make Life Lovely! I was so inspired when I recently discovered the self love promoting brand Fred and Far (more on them later!), that it felt like a good moment to do an entire 10 Ways dedicated to self care and self love!

So, from beautiful vows of self love, to bedtime rituals to help you look after yourself, and from satisfying your festival cravings (even if you can’t get to one!) to some of the cutest interior home storage ever… We’re indulging ourselves today!

Grab yourself a coffee and let’s do this thang!

One: Super Gel

So it may seem rather frivolous to some, but for me (and a lot of other babes I know) having nice nails is just one of those things that makes me feel like myself; in fact, scrap that, it makes me feel awesome!

Now, while I’m all for going and getting your nails done (who doesn’t love a pamper sesh?!) it’s not always feasible or affordable, am I right?

That said, my nails are just terrible for normal nail polish chipping off! Seriously, I’m lucky if I can’t get it to last 24 hours… Anyone else feeling me on this?!

Enter stage right: Rimmel’s Super Gel polish!

A sister of mine dropped this bomb on me the other day and HOLY HECK am I glad she did!

This two step polish routine is just everything! For one, it actually stays put! I’ve had my current set on for nearly a week and theres not a chip in sight! AND, no UV light needed either, just two coats of the colour polish, and a single coat of their Super Gel top coat and it is locked in!

Available via Boots and ASOS to name but a few!



Uh! I need all the colours though! I started out with their gorgeous nude, Soul Sessions, but that blue shade is screaming my name!

Two: Camo Cool

We are just all about that camo life right now.

No but seriously, Camo’s a neutral right?

It just works with everything, and while it’s got a decidedly boyish feel to it (which we LOVE) it can also be glammed up in a heartbeat, just add heels and a cute leather bag!

From satin Camo bomber jackets, to oversized over-shirts or ‘Shackets’ (as Topshop have coined them) we can’t get enough. Throw it on over skinny jeans, or a cute mini A-line skirt and pair with monochromatic basics for that ‘it girl’ look.





…And from one fashion trend we can’t get enough of, to another…

Three: Neck Tie Love

With the choker trend in full swing now (literally, I see them EVERYWHERE) these little tie number have to be our absolute favourites.

Feminine, playful, a little flirtatious even, the bolo neck tie is just pure kitten, and we love it!

From delicate white leather cords, to statement black suede ties or even luxe blush toned ribbons of velvet, it’s like adding the finishing touches to a beautiful gift; such a gorgeous adornment!

Pair the neck tie with additional choker chains and cuffs for a layer up, bohemian style.




It’s all in the details, ladies!

Four: Festival Cravings

Now, y’all know we love a festival. I don’t need to tell you that, right?!

But what if you can’t get to one this year? Or you just can’t get to as many as you’d like even?! #givemeallthefestivals

Well! When my dear friends over at Chemikal Recipe announced they were playing a 2 hour set on Secret Garden Party Radio (which they NAILED, FYI!), I was all:

‘Wait, the festival has a radio station?!’

…I mean, am I late to the game? Or is this common knowledge?!

Either way – if you’re stuck at work wishing you were at a festival this weekend, indulge your ears with SGP radio for major tunes all weekend long!

…Oh to be there!

Five: Love Thyself

And here it is, the inspiration for todays post! A little LOT of self love!

Not sure what I mean by self love? Or maybe you’re a sceptic, like I was when I first came across this concept (I wouldn’t say I’ve always truly cared for or loved my self, in fact, it’s definitely a journey I’m still on!), nevertheless, when I read this quote by Molly McCord from her book ‘The Modern Heroine’s Journey of a Consciousness’ let’s just say it struck a chord…

She transforms her own dark into her own light.

She sees her private shadows – and loves them.

She is the source of her Self and she is always in a state of greater becoming.

Being kind to yourself. It’s accepting yourself, flaws and all. Empowering yourself. Loving yourself.

It’s not selfish; it’s self preservation. It’s thriving. It’s valuing yourself. It’s being able to love others so much better because you loved and cared for yourself first.



And so when I stumbled across new brand, Fred and Far, on instagram you better believe I fell head over heels in love! In their own words, here’s what this pinky ring movement is all about:

Woman: Reclaim yourself. 

Wear a symbol of belonging. To yourself. Redeem yourself. Carve out a moment to delight. To discover. To be. 

Remember yourself. You’re the catalyst. You’re the cause. You’re the one. 

Engage yourself. In life. In love. In health. Revive yourself. 

Shed the weight. Of uncertainty. Of responsibility. Of pain. Of disappointment. Of pressure. Commit to something better. 

Choose. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose power. Choose fulfilment. Choose choice. 

Choose yourself. You’re worthy.

The idea came from cofounder Melody Godfred’s own search (read her amazing story of how self love saved her marriage here) for a token she could wear as a way to remember to appreciate and take care of herself. This took shape as a small ring she wore on her pinky, reminiscent of an engagement ring.

Godfred wanted to bring this same sense of self-realisation to other women. So, with the help of her friend (and now co-founder) Samira Far, Godfred started Fred + Far in April of this year.

Whether you’re single, married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, a mother, a girl boss, confident in yourself or racked with insecurities… Wherever you are in life, whatever your ambitions, whatever your struggles; it’s about prioritising you.

…And that’s a bandwagon we can definitely get on board with!




#lovethyself ladies! Mwah!

Six: Beauty Sleep

Another way we like to show ourselves some good ol’ loving?


…And getting enough of it can be a challenge right?! Cue crying kids, addictive social media, late night thoughts of work or that ever-growing to-do list you wish you’d never written… But sleep is fundamental to our physical and mental well being!

So here’s some of our favourite ways to prepare for a restful night of deep sleep:

  • Get to bed early – because by the time you’ve finished all those extra little jobs and calmed your mind, chances are you won’t be early anymore!
  • Get a great night time beauty routine – make it your ritual, a moment to indulge your skin and wash away the day
  • Be grateful – journal the best bits of your day, and take a moment to notice and appreciate all the good stuff
  • Meditate – whether you light a candle, use an app, hold a crystal, or follow a religion, take 10 minutes to calm your mind and be present
  • Create a space you love – your bedroom should be a sanctuary, don’t over clutter or let work or electronic devices pollute that space
  • Drink tea – caffeine-free and herbal if possible, a warm drink is so soothing
  • Bedtime Yoga – check out the simple sequence of sleep-inducing yoga in the image below, you can actually do it on your bed!




I mean, is 2pm too early in the day for a nap? #butseriously

Seven: Girl, Put Your Record On

So, I got major music envy when I recently visited Laura’s place…

It was a beautiful morning, it was early and the sun was streaming in through her open doorway and there was a lilting, soft sound of an acoustic guitar in the background as we sat sipping our morning coffee…

…And that gorgeously muted sound came from her record Crosley record player, and I’ve been swooning ever since!

There’s something so gorgeous about the ritual of putting on a record and the gentle, nostalgic sound a Crosley produces is just divine.

Indulge your senses with the sound of a Crosley, my friends! Plus, can we talk about how dang cool they look?!




That little desk set up is the dream – I need to get me some of that!

Eight: Into the Weave

Because we all have stuff in our homes that just doesn’t have a place, you know? Stuff that won’t fit in the cupboards, stuff that you need accessible and don’t want to stow away on an out-of-reach shelf, right?

I find myself battling to keep my house tidy with this kind of ‘stuff’ on the daily… Then I realised the humble basket was my very best friend.

Not only do they look friggin’ GORGEOUS (the West Elm set below, has my whole heart!) but they’re perfect for just chucking stuff into when you’re in a hurry/can’t find another suitable place to put it. Instant decluttering and instant cool.

The battle is over, babes! Embrace the basket!





That basket plant pot by Rockett St George though… My gosh I love it!

Nine: Now Listening

You know those friends that just get your music taste? They just know, and you just know, and every song you suggest to one another strikes a chord (excuse the pun).

Their jam is my jam, and my jam is theirs.

I love those friends, and just recently one of mine linked me up with this collab between the wonderfully curious, James Blake, and the GLORIOUS Bon Iver.

Let’s just say I’ve had it on repeat. For like the entire month.

Swooning, swooning hard.

Ten: Meatless BBQ

Finally, self love starts with self care.

Now, I could go on forever about the benefits of a meat-free diet (I’ll spare you that!), but we’re all constantly hearing about how we should try and reduce our meat and dairy consumption, but how does that play out over the summer, with all those countless BBQ invitations?

Well, Urban Outfitters have got you covered! Their blog’s been giving me life recently with all their vegan recipes!

From Chipotle Not Dogs (primarily mushroom based, and totally divine!), to their truly scrummy Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers and then a cooling Strawberry and Coconut Popsicles to finish!

Take something alternative to a BBQ this weekend – your body will thank you!




…And that’s pretty much all I plan to eat this weekend – looks like heaven!

Have an awesome weekend guys and let us know how you show yourself some love in the comments below!

We’ll see you on the flip side!


Peace + Love


Clare XO

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