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Happy Good Friday to you all – I hope you’re all taking some chill time today and enjoying the sunshine we’re having! Easter is here and we intend to have a super fun one, even if the British weather is set to have a sense of humour failure.

It wouldn’t be a bank holiday if it wasn’t raining though, right?

So, for today’s 10 Ways we’re talking body positive fashion, the trendiest activity you can do come rain or shine, chocolate for everyone (yes I’m looking at you, vegans!) and an interesting habit that could transform your hair!

But first, let’s take a second to be a little bit serious and talk about something that might seem so trivial to some, but could be a real game changer for so many in our society…


One: #RoomForEveryone

Toilet talk.

Not what you were expecting?! Haha I know right?! But bear with me…

Now, I first stumbled across this movement when kicking back, watching all my favourite Youtube channels a couple of weeks ago. Ingrid Nilsen, youtuber, feminist and one of the UN’s ambassadors for change (amongst many other wonderful things) explains it all in her video here, but to summarise:

What’s this movement is about? Making public bathrooms an inclusive space where, irregardless of your gender identity, gender expression or sexuality you can feel comfortable using a public bathroom.

Why is it so important? Using the bathroom is a necessity for everyone. Most public bathrooms are segregated and promote discrimination on multiple levels, making them unwelcoming and even hostile environments to those who identify as non-binary or transpeople. Not only that, but often bathroom signage perpetuates gender stereotypes.

How can I show my support? When you see a gendered bathroom sign, take a quick photo and tweet it with the hashtag #RoomforEveryone to raise awareness, and maybe take a leaf out of Bristol University LGBT Society’s book…

Wanna read more about how this is playing out across the UK? Here’s some interesting articles I’ve read by The Telegraph, here and here.



Two: Now Reading

Ok! So, moving on from toilet issues!

We are LOVING Free People’s book club this year, their suggestions and study articles have all been amazing thus far, and March is no exception!

Introducing, Dan Harris’ 10% Happier, which you can get your hands on right here.

Here’s what Free People had to say about it:

Written by Harris, an ABC news anchor, co-host of Nightline and Good Morning America, the author isn’t who you might expect to turn to for advice on meditation and mindfulness. Not a guru or a wellness expert, Harris is simply someone in search of answers, and who had a very public meltdown on live TV. His book chronicles his journey to rein in the voice in his head, the inner critic that we all have in one way or another… Rather than blasting head-first through life as he once had, Harris now makes the time for meditation, carving out a bit of his day to devote to something that enriches him. In our stressed out, all-or-nothing, #lovethehustle world, we could all stand to take a page from his experience […] and make time for ourselves and the things that make us feel most human, in the best way possible.

Now, I don’t know about you guys… But that sounds like everything we need right about now!

2016 has been a whirlwind so far, a crazy, magical ride, but a whirlwind nonetheless. Let’s learn how to take a time out, guys.



Three: Get Your Skates On

You’re bored of lethargic coffee dates.

There’s nothing you fancy seeing at the cinema.

It’s too wet to head out for a walk. (Oh heyy April showers!)

Well! Good job 2016 has come up with an all-weather, all-age trend to keep you busy…

Roller Skating.



Who knew that phase you went through between the ages of 7 and 11 would finally come in handy?! But it’s true!

With roller parks, derbys and discos popping up all over the country, come rain or shine, roller skating is sure to prove a hit with everyone!



Four: Festival Fashion

Heavens. Above.

Have y’all seen the new Free People collection, Kaleidoscope Skies?!

It’s festival fashion at it’s finest and is getting us SUPER excited for the summer.

With a major dose of 70s magic, the collection oozes colour, movement and bohemian charm.

The Kaleidoscope sunglasses though… I NEED.




Five: Nailing the Once-a-Week Wash

There’s been a lot of talk about reducing the frequency with which we wash our hair.

Note: I only said hair… I don’t wanna be held responsible for a epidemic of people abstaining from regular showers! Ha!

The theory goes that reducing the frequency of hair washes allows the scalp to replenish its natural oils – oils that aid in hair growth and the health of the hair from the root – rather than regularly stripping the hair of such valuable oils.

But, get real for a second here, what if you frequently exercise and as a result your hair is pretty shot after just one day? How do you get around that?!

Check out this week’s walk-through, with loads of helpful tips and styles to get you through an entire week and help you grow those luscious locks to their full potential!




Six: Spray-nicure

Spray on nail polish.

Say whaaaaaa?!

Yup! That’s right, with the help of British darling, Alexa Chung, Nails Inc have brought out their first range of spray on nail polish.

If this is all it’s cracked up to be, this could be the answer to all our prayers!

You simply apple a clear base coat (with a brush that is, like normal human being) then spray a coat of the polish colour, allow it to dry and then wash away the excess on your skin…

I can’t even!

This is truly a way to make life more lovely!!




Seven: Froob Shirts

Everybody loves a cute, comfy t-shirt.

Everybody loves to support a worth cause.

Everybody loves to wear fruit on their boobs.

…Wait, what was that last one?!

That’s right, FROOBS.

This amazing trio of t-shirt designs from US Vegan Cookbook Author, Laura Miller are just everything. Ridiculously cute, they’ll give you a good ol’ giggle while supporting the charity Movemeant which empower?s ?young women to feel confident about their bodies by using fitness and movement as a platform for building self-worth and positive body image.

We heart them.




Eight: a Very Vegan Easter

Because Easter is for everyone.

So when Urban Outfitters posted about their favourite dairy-free chocolate brands, you better believe this newly-vegan chocoholic jumped right on board!

If you’ve a vegan friend in your life – make sure they know about these incredible brands!

Ahhh, life just got a whole lot lovelier. If you want me this weekend, you’ll find me on the sofa nomming through entire bars of this stuff!

(Click to shop)




Nine: a Clean Spring Clean

It’s that time!

I don’t know about you, but the moment Spring strikes, I get hit with this instinctive desire to tidy, to sort and, most imperatively, to clean.

So, let me set the scene for y’all: it’s a Saturday morning, I’m blasting some Beyoncé (what? I’m a cleaning diva, what can I say?!) from my mini speaker, I’ve no make up on, hair in a huge topknot, rubber gloves on, scrubbing brush in-hand – you know the look – when I absentminded decide to read the reverse of the cleaning product I’m about to use, that’s when I suddenly I realise what I’m reading:

‘Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effect… Avoid release to the environment…’

Wait a second, what?! I don’t know if I was just super ignorant or what, but I had never really considered exactly what it was I was putting into the water system when I cleaned.

That’s when the research began, and in my hunt for environmentally friendly cleaning products with responsibly sourced ingredients, I discover the wealth of amazing products by Method.

They clean so well and the help keep our planet cleaner too. This Spring, please clean responsibly.

(There’s something I never thought I’d write!)





Ten: Smile

And last, but by no means least…

I said to my beau the other night, ‘I just need one more thing to share with our readers this Friday for 10 Ways, but I just can’t pin point it…’

He smiled his gorgeous dimpled smile right back at me and said, ‘Remind them how important it is to smile.’

So there you have it, in a world that can be so dark sometimes, in a week in which we’ve seen more terror and hostility, let’s take a step towards happiness and peace with a simple smile.

10bPs. I swear Emilia Clarke just gets prettier?!

Have an UHMAZING Easter weekend and we’ll catch up with you lovers next week!

Peace + Love

Clare XO

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