Afternoon, babes! The weekend is nigh (again, seriously where does it go?!) and we have the perfect little pick-me-ups for you to enjoy over the weekend and the coming week!

We’re talking water with benefits (who knew it could be even better for you than just straight H2O?!), our favourite online shopping destination right now (*hint Aussie hint*), a great website to aid you in being more charitable with your time, an awesome new zero waste shop in the UK (yes the UK!!), the first instalment in our new ‘Now Following’ feature (aka Instagram feeds you’re gonna LOVE) and so much more!

But first, the super important topic that’s been on everyone’s lips this month…

One: Mental Health

This is a subject very close to my heart, as I’m sure it will be for a lot of you. In case you weren’t aware, May is Mental Health month, and this week especially here in the UK there’s been a big focus on this important topic.

So, I’d guess by now some of you are about to scroll, thinking ‘this isn’t for me’, ‘I’m not mentally ill’, ‘wow this is all everyone’s talking about at the moment…’

…To which I’d say, ‘Yup, and with good reason!’ Stick around guys! Even if you’re pretty happy with your mental health, understanding it and being equipped to help or educate others (*cough Piers Morgan cough*) is such a valuable thing to learn!

Mental health, be that suffering with a mental illness (diagnosed, or undiagnosed), raising your awareness of how to care for your mental health, helping someone you know is struggling, or experiencing anything other than good mental health is a conversation of paramount importance which, after having been shoved under the rug for hundreds of years, I’m so glad we’re finally bringing into the open.

If any of the above, or an area I’ve not touched on, is something you’re concerned about take a moment to visit the awesome Mental Health Foundation website. From articles on Surviving vs Thriving, to a test you can take to help indicate your good mental health score, there’s a wealth of knowledge, inspiring stories and important messages.

Good mental health = a lovely life, so make sure you’re asking for the help you need and caring for yourself and others as best you can.

Ps. If you weren’t sure what I was referring to in my reference to Piers Morgan, he managed to epitomise the very problem we’re discussing in this unfathomably ignorant tweet earlier this week. This is why understanding mental health is SO important!

Two: Refresh

So this seems a little ironic, on this gloriously… um, well… RAINY day! But when the sun does decide to put his hat back on (it’s been a beautiful week prior to today here!) this has been our go to juice. And, let me tell you, it could not be easier!

Watermelon juice:

  • Chop up your melon and remove the skins
  • Remove any seeds
  • Pop it all in the blender (no extra water needed, obvs!)
  • Pour over ice, and serve with a straw
  • Sit back, sip and imagine you’re somewhere tropical!

Three: Healthy Swaps

Ok, so this one should come with a warning, because I am about to post arguably the most boring image I’ve ever included in a 10 Ways post… Or any post here on FBrides for that matter!

HOWEVER, this little table is crazy useful, if you’re any of the following: a comfort eater, serial snacker, sugar craver, salty craver, at the mercy of pregnancy cravings, emotional eater, dieter, enthusiastic foodie, self-control lacker… Of which, I qualify for almost all!

So, that moment when you crave chocolate, or those (countless) moments when all you want is a share bag of Doritos (entirely to yourself, in one sitting… Ahem!), we all have them and here’s a nifty, albeit horrendously boring to look at, table to help you figure out what it is your body is REALLY asking you for and make healthy choices!

Four: Now Following

Whoop! Here’s a new little feature for 10 Ways that I figured you guys would love, given that it seems to be something we all talk about a fair bit these days… Our favourite people to follow on Instagram!

This inspiring platform harbours a wealth of creatives, inspiring entrepreneurs, mamas, and artists… And that’s where we’re staring today, with one of my favourite artists, Sally Mustang.

Her beautiful feed is full of sensuality, magical colour, spell-binding art, inspiring yoga, free-thinking and her beautiful dog, Jala! I mean, what’s not to love?!

…Oh, and if you fall head over heels for her art like I did, you’ll be so stoked to hear you can buy yoga mats printed with her art on them! Utterly. Dreamy.

Five: Summer Threads

Babes, I promised you online shopping, and my goodness! Hide your purse, get your fella to hold on to his wallet and shut down your Paypal account, because online Aussie brand, Runway Scout, is sure to have you obsessed from the word go.

If you’re looking for the perfect summer pieces, perfectly on trend with a little boho edge, floaty fabrics that are fitted in all the right places, and all for a really decent price… Brace yourselves, ladies!

From beach-worthy, to wedding-guest-worthy, Runway Scout has been ticking all my boxes this month!

(And yes, they deliver worldwide, and yes, you’ll also wanna check out their killer Insta feed too!)

Six: Tree Nectar

Remember in the last 10 Ways post, we chatted about how important hydration is? I mean, we all know that, and we know we’re supposed to drink around 2 litres a day… But it can be tricky eh?

So last time we tackled how to keep track of your consumption with a handy little gadget, and this week we’re found a wonderful little solution for those of you that get a bit bored with just straight water!

Meet Sibberi drinks. This brand brings you hydration in one of its most natural forms, tapped straight out of the tree (say whaaaaa!? Crazy right?!)

This stuff is amazingly refreshing and comes in 3, totally different, subtly delicious flavours: Bamboo, Birch, and my personal favourite, Maple. Great for those days when you just need a little something extra on the flavour front, without adding anything nasty or naughty to your water… In fact, it’s the entire opposite!

Here’s some little gems of knowledge for you! Sibberi waters are:

  • As refreshing as coconut water, but with 4 times less sugar
  • Their Maple water is packed full of manganese which assists in maintaining healthy bones and muscle tissue, as well as regulating thyroid function and blood sugar levels
  • One bottle of Sibberi Maple water has the same amount of manganese as a cup of kale
  • Bamboo is the highest natural source of silica and the best-kept secret for healthy skin, hair and nails making their Bamboo water a great beauty supplement

  • And their original Birch water supports the body to detoxify unwanted chemicals

Good stuff hey! You can get yours in Waitrose, Boots, Ocado, Selfridges and now, the Coop!

Seven: dat picnic life

One of our favourite ways to make life lovely right now (and always!) is to embrace this coming season! As we come into Summer getting outside and relishing the warmer weather does a whole lot for our ‘lovely levels’… Ummm, I think I might have to copyright that phrase, so cute!

But seriously, getting your fix of vitamin D and fresh air does not have to be restricted to the 2 weeks you spend abroad this year… It’s about recognising opportunities to pause and embrace the season!

Our favourite way? To adopt a permanent picnic mentality for the duration of the late Spring and Summer! Eating is an awesome moment to pause, be mindful, get together, get screen-free and get outside!

So, weather dependant of course (this is Britain after all), we’re working at forming the habit of al fresco dining at every opportunity this month, fuelling our bodies with all the good stuff and getting those ‘lovely levels’ sky high!  

…And yes, it’s totally ok if your picnic consists only of a bottle of Pinot and 2 glasses… Oh hayyy, Friday night!

Eight: What could you do?

You when life just throws you a challenge?!

A big fat oh-gosh-can-I-really-do-this? Do-I-actually-have-the-time? Am I-even-cut-out-for-this? sort of challenge… Know the kind?

Yeah, I had that happen to me this week. And as I’m learning in this funny old life, the best things seem to happen when you take a big deep breath, don’t think about it too much, and say ‘Yes’!

I’m talking about volunteering. Using your skills (whether that’s something you’re professionally trained in, or just something you’re good at!) to help others, free of charge, for the good of someone else.

It’s one HECK of a challenge in this busy world right now, but an invaluable way to use your time and efforts, and in most cases will make you feel pretty darn good too (it’s the whole ‘we rise by lifting others’ concept, right?)

If you haven’t already, check out the Do It website, type in your address and get involved where help’s needed in your area. It might be befriending residents at an old people’s home, mucking in at an animal shelter or maybe even getting involved in a community garden or conservation project… The possibilities are endless, and there’s something to suit everyone!

And for those of you lacking confidence in your ability to help – I see you, hiding at the back there! – remember this…

‘A person’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge, but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand willing to help others’ (Anonymous)

Nine: Zero Waste

That moment when a little something pops up on your Facebook feed and you literally start high-fiving the screen and screaming ‘YAAAS, GET IT!’

…That was me when I saw this article about an incredible couple who’ve set up a Zero Waste shop in Totnes, Devon.

I won’t say a jot more, just watch the video and tell me you don’t want this kind of shopping all over the UK…?!

Ten: Non-Toxic Fresh

And finally! By now I’d imagine y’all know that I’m about that raising-my-levels-of-consciousness type life, right?

Whelp! Here’s the latest instalment in that journey, that although challenging right now, I believe will make life lovelier in the long run!

Deodorant. It’s a standard in life, right? You start wearing it at what, 13 years old? And that’s just how it is, I guess?

Well, maybe not so if we actually knew what we were applying to our skin and, moreover absorbing into our bodies (especially when applied post-shaving). If you wanna really delve into this subject then have a look at this video, but we’ll keep it relatively light here on the blog and just say: seeking alternatives is a bangin’ good idea!

Here’s some of our current faves/options on our to-try list, but let us know if you have a healthy alternative you’re loving in the comments below!

  • Tarte Clean Queen –  an aluminum and alcohol-free natural deodorant that’s non-irritating & chock full of natural odour neutralisers and conditioners for a healthy, clean feel without harsh chemicals – it’s also vegan and cruelty free!
  • Lush Greeench – a natural deodorant powder. A herby handful of rosemary, sage and thyme unite to battle bacteria and keep you smelling fresh. Rest assured the absorbent lycopodium powder will keep your pits dry, simply sprinkle onto the palm of your hand and rub into dry, clean pits
  • Neal’s Yard Peppermint + Lime Roll-On – With a fresh and invigorating scent, it delivers clinically proven 24hr protection.  It has been formulated to help naturally guard against odour and wetness with cleansing shikimic acid and moisture-absorbing bamboo powder.
  • Neal’s Yard Lemon + Coriander Spray – This underarm deodorant spray combines eight pure essential oils, giving you a gentle and effective way to face the day with confidence and lasting freshness. The zesty blend of lemon and coriander naturally cleanses bacteria and is also vegan

There you have it, friends! 10 little rays of sunshine on a rather gloomy, grey Friday! If you’ve got something to say about any of these topics, whether that’s a recommendation for us, a review of your experience of anything we’ve discussed, or any questions please do drop us a comment below – we’d love to start a positive conversation with you babes on this stuff!

In the meantime, have an amazing weekend, and we’ll see YOU on the flipside!


Peace + Love


Clare XO


Wedding beauty on its way!

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