Chloe & Joseph’s Spiritual and Relaxed Jewish Wedding…

21 Oct


Happy Tuesday lovely People,

We have a gorgeous traditional Jewish wedding with a 1930′s vibe to share with you all today, captured beautifully by Sharon Kahana and sent all the way from Israel.

Before you read any further, take a look at this link that explains the meaning behind each ritual of a traditional Jewish Wedding.  I have been completely captured by the way the beauty of the relationship of husband and wife is conveyed. From the Badeken (veiling of the bride) that symbolizes that love is not based on physical appearances but rather on the soul and character of the person you are marrying and the Chuppah (the canopy) that symbolizes the home the couple will build together – there is alot that can be learnt by the Jewish approach to marriage.

Chloe and Joseph wanted to create the perfect balance between a wedding that was both significant to their religion and spiritual but also in a stunning location that would be personal, intimate and relaxed for their 15 guests. Where better to achieve this balance than an Olive Grove in the Holy City of Jerusalem itself, followed by what can only be described as a mouth-watering meal at the capitals 2nd most popular restaurant, Spoons.

With simple decor, a sleek wedding dress and a modest bouquet of white flowers, this wedding ticks a lot of our ‘sometimes less is more’ boxes.

Chloe tells us all about it….

‘Screw that!’ I’m going to propose to him….

It was me who did the proposing. I was supposed to let him know when I had made up my mind so that he could go and buy a ring etc. But I thought ‘screw that!’ I’m going to propose to him. So, after talking it over with a few friends I decided to design a plate with “will you marry me?” written on it so that I could surprise him with my proposal. It was a bank holiday and I said that I would make him a nice dinner and asked if he fancied something special in particular. Egg and chips was what he replied… He wanted egg and chips! Ok, so I made him egg and chips. I managed to cook and get it all on the plate before he saw and laid the table and set everything up nicely. Because we were both in a fun and silly mood I managed to get away with taking photos throughout the meal without him even getting suspicious! He ate his meal while I basically stared at his plate as he gradually uncovered the message, waiting for him to notice it. He got all the way to the end of the meal before he finally looked down and saw, peeping out from under the last smear of ketchup, my proposal. He looked up with an excited but cautious smile and asked “is this for real?” “yes” I said, “oh my god, yes!” was his reply.

_MG_7144 _MG_7148 L09A9134 L09A9136 L09A9141 L09A9144 L09A9147 L09A9149 L09A9151 L09A9153

Small, Intimate and Personal….

I feel that our only real idea was to have such a small wedding and to have it in Jerusalem. All the style and look came from just the choice of locations. We decided to keep it really small because we were both honest about what we wanted from the day and what would make it special and memorable for us. Once we decided to keep things small, intimate and personal, Joseph suggested that we actually have our wedding in Jerusalem. As religious Jews there isn’t much that could make it more special than getting married in the Holy Land. It is a Jewish ideal to get married outside, with the wedding canopy under the open sky, and so this guided us to look for restaurants that had outdoor spaces where the ceremony could be held. When we found Spoons on trip adviser it seemed perfect. Rated the 2nd best place to eat in Jerusalem, it had a roof terrace and a courtyard as well as being exquisitely decorated and situated in a remarkably beautiful location, just outside the old city. Once we got in touch with Hila everything else about our day opened up for us. She was remarkable, and knowing the area better than either of us, she suggested the olive grove and arranged for the synagogue to be open for us to use for the ceremony.

_MG_7162 _MG_7166 _MG_7177

Soft Melodies….

We had one acoustic guitarist playing beautiful soft melodies at various points during the ceremony and one singer that accompanied the prayers. They were both wonderful. After the meal Joseph’s mum, who has a phenomenal voice, sang a couple of songs that she had learnt for the wedding. She sang unaccompanied, just at the table, but it was just amazing and everyone was blown away. It was so touching.

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Stunning Home, Superb Food….

The reception and dinner was held at an amazing venue called Spoons. In the living room of her beautiful home in Yemin Moshe, a breath-taking, historic neighbourhood, owner, host, chef and designer Hila Solomon literally made our wedding. The food was superb and made from the freshest of ingredients.

The menu was as follows:

Hand held bowl of cold gazpacho and warm Jerusalem artichoke soup
First course
Endive Salad with pear and citrus dressing served individually then… 
Whole cauliflower baked for 4 hours – Spoons signature dish
Chargrilled aubergine with tehina
Figs filled with chicken and poached in tamarind sauce.
Amuse Gueule basil sorbet and arak vodka shot
Main Course
Slow cooked lamb with saffron and apricots
Mallard with figs and port reduction with polenta  
Vegetarian dish of tofu and bok choy with wild mushrooms and black garlic
Chocolate and raspberry parfait with sorbet 

Middle-Eastern Rustic Pieces….

Hila’s house is beautifully styled and the only added decorations for the wedding were the flowers and candles on the table.  Her house is furnished with beautiful, carefully selected and arranged, middle-eastern, rustic pieces against white walls that really show them off. Everything was just beautiful as it was. Because we wanted it to feel very relaxed and informal, we chose and used all the spaces pretty much as they came. We felt everything was pretty stunning enough as it was and didn’t want to detract from it with added decoration. With the gentle natural light, the warm breeze and the smell of the lush summer flowers growing all around us, it really wasn’t necessary.

_MG_7383 L09A9076 L09A9088 L09A9089 L09A9386 L09A9394 L09A9399 L09A9409 L09A9419 L09A9428 L09A9430 L09A9483 L09A9488 _MG_9615 L09A9425 _MG_9526 _MG_9578 _MG_9600 _MG_9631 _MG_9633 _MG_9643 _MG_9644 _MG_9651 _MG_9514 L09A9534 L09A9500 L09A9564 L09A9585 L09A9677 L09A9678 L09A9687 L09A9694 L09A9695

Favourite Moment…

There is a section of the ceremony where the groom veils the bride, and then they both receive blessings from each of their parents. I was sat on a bench, encircled by family, in a beautiful olive grove overlooking the old city walls of the Jewish spiritual homeland. The guitarist was playing a sweet melody and my father put his hand on my head and blessed me. Under my veil I just started gushing, it was so emotional.


Any advice?

My advice would be to do what you want to do not what you feel you should do. Also don’t get too worked up about every detail. Planning everything can be really stressful and emotionally draining and when you look back at it all afterwards, some things that seemed really important at the time actually end up not being that important. So do yourself a favour and chill out a bit.

The Line Up

Photographer: Sharon Kahana
Ceremony Venue: Old Ashkenazi Synagogue, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem, Israel
Chuppah: Olive grove, Yemin Moshe, Jerusalem, Israel
Reception Venue: Spoons
Brides Dress: Ghost
Brides Veil: Handmade from Camden Market
Bride’s Hair: Father of The Bride
Groom: Suit – Topman
Flowers: DIY
Caterers: Spoons

Thank you so much to Chloe and Joseph for sharing your gorgeous wedding with us. I loved reading your story and that profiterole cake looked immense!

We will be blogging more international weddings in the up and coming months so watch this space! Next up – Mexico!

Big Love

Laura xxx

New Festival Wedding – Tropical Gardens and Colourful cottages in Spain

20 Oct

Fancy having a festival wedding abroad?? Well check out this colourful venue. A place of tranquility and beauty with a lush tropical garden that many have referred to as paradise and a garden of eden. If you are looking for a venue in the sun this beautiful orange blossom venue should be first choice.

Petals, palms y cama Happily Ever After

1016215_637166936328413_1636397178_n Bench & bouganvilla hammock


Just 15 mins from the intense blue mediterranean sea and only an hour from both Alicante & Valencia airports, this is the perfect place for those couples who want a more intimate, relaxed wedding in a lush colourful natural environment.

There are various large open spaces that can be used, such as La Pineda a setting surrounded by pine trees, a large pond, the orange orchard, swimming pool and tropical palm trees.


The venue also has accomodation consisting of a number of colourful houses spread out around the garden. In total they have 10 bedrooms and can sleep up to 20 people.


  • Full land hire (including all rooms for one night) £4500
  • Sleeps up to 20 guests but a maximum of 120 guests can attend the day/evening
  • Exclusive hire only
  • Amplified music until 1am
  • 50% non refundable deposit to confirm booking.
  • No wedding licence but personal ceremonies welcomed

They allow you the freedom to choose how you wish to celebrate. We will also provide a list of recommended local suppliers such as photographers, caterers, hair & beauty , cakemakers etc, furniture & marquee hire.


Large fresh water pool annexed to the Casa Azul. We look after the lush green lawn so you can enjoy sit and enjoy the Mediterranean sun. We also have hammocks & loungers so you can relax with a good book or listen to some music (with headphones of course so as not to disturb other guests)



Each house has its own private kitchen but if you want to get together with your group theBehind the Casa Malva there is a large open space kitchen, dining room and lounge for all guests A place to cook, eat, drink and talk together. Outside the large sliding glass doors is a very large terrace with tables and chairs and importantly large brightly coloured shades for those sunny afternoons.


On the outside terrace there is an indigo blue wood oven where you can prepare and cook Pizzas, all kinds of breads, pastries, baked lamb etc. There is also a large open fire/BBQ where you can grill meats, cook paellas & roast chickens on a spit.

wedding lunch from distance Wedding lunch wedding buffet photo(5) photo(3) Wedding lunch by pond


A large outside sports court where you can play any number of sports. We have a tennis table & basket ball hoop. We can also use this space for theatre & dance perfomances, poetry readings and singing performances.

Private parking, wifi availble in all areas.

(If you require accomodation for more than 20 people we can recommend other local hotels/guest houses)



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