Festival Brides Get the Heebie-Jeebies: The Eerie Words of Edgar Allan poe

31 Oct

EAP 3 Mwaha ha ha ha haaa!!

Ahem, yes that was my best evil laugh, and yes, I’ve been rehearsing it all week for today’s spooky post!

To get you into that especially eerie mood, ready for that amazing costume and spine-chillingly-awesome partying y’all are gonna get up to later, I thought I’d pull together a few quotes from one of my favourite writers; Mr Edgar Allan Poe.

This guy…

EAP portrait …Even that stare is a little lot creepy, right?!

Now, this guy, he writes some seriously dark poetry, perfect for some light afternoon reading! That said, in the midst of the eeriness that Poe conjures, you’ll find some beautiful, dare I say, even wedding-worthy, quotes.

He eloquently speaks of dreamers, of an all consuming love and of the beauty of those considered out of the ordinary… So, if you’re a little unconventional, he’s TOTES on side!

…Man, I bet he’s turning in his grave at my use of the word ‘Totes’! Soz, Ed!

EAP 4 Cat Bride 1 EAP 2 I MEAN! Isn’t that just beautiful?!

Bride 2 EAP Moon Pumpkins And so I leave you with this, ‘Anabel Lee’ Poe’s chilling tale of a love envied by the angels and a lover left dreaming of his lost beloved…

Annabel Lee Happy Halloween, babes!

Peace, Love + All things Creepy

Clare X

Chantelle & Elliot’s Bohemian Bali Wedding from The Lane Wedding Blog

30 Oct


Well good morning lovely people.

Earlier in the week we came across this stunning (and I mean STUNNING) Bali wedding on The Lane and just had to share it with you all. It is so beautiful on so many levels. From the bride’s amazing Rue De Seine wedding dress to the dreamy location set within the Bali jungle where there is so much natural beauty that I’m finding myself really REALLY wishing that I could fly to Bali right now and get married all over again! I just love the location and the spiritual ambiance to this bohemian wedding. It reminds me so much of my travels around Asia that I can sense the calmness a location like this instills in you. Its so endearing - I can just imagine how laid back the bride and groom must have felt all day. Just look at the image above – wouldn’t you with a backdrop like that!? A place like this encourages you to get in touch with your free spirit which is what we are all about here on Festival Brides.

You can read all about Chantelle and Elliot’s wedding story here – for now we are going to share with you our favourite pictures expertly captured by Teneil Kable.

Big thank you to The Lane for allowing us to share these images. Ladies and Gents – if you want some seriously stylish wedding inspiration then The Lane is most certainly where it’s at!

thelanebaliwedding20 thelanebaliwedding21 thelanebaliwedding thelane3 thelanebaliwedding3 thelane thelanebaliwedding22 thelanebaliwedding4 thelanebaliwedding5

I love the idea of each guest blessing Chantelle and Elliot by taking a handful of rose petals and throwing them into the stream (see image below). Such a unique and spiritual take on a wedding book. This is something you can most certainly adapt for any wedding providing you have a lake, stream or pond at your venue that is – just a minor detail! Maybe you could even ask each of your guests to light a candle to float on the water. Whatever you decide be sure to have your photographer at the ready as floating rose petals and candles can make some awesome photos.

thelane4 thelanebaliwedding7 thelanebaliwedding8 thelanebaliwedding9 thelanebaliwedding10 thelanebaliwedding11 thelanebaliwedding12 thelane2 thelanebaliwedding14 thelane1 thelanebaliwedding16 thelanebaliwedding17 thelanebaliwedding18 thelanebaliwedding19

One word……..Magic. And that dress….it’s gorgeous isn’t it?

If these images alone haven’t convinced you that a destination wedding could be the way to go then perhaps this quote from Chantelle will……

The week was spent exploring and immersing ourselves in Bali. Temples, walks, organic food, white water rafting and many a chilli margarita. Destinations weddings allow for a true adventure where everyone finds a common ground, a new love for each other. I have never seen our families and friends closer. I would recommend a destination wedding to everyone!

So I’ll meet you all in Bali then!

The Line Up

Photography: Teneil Kable
Venue: Bambu Indah
Bride’s Dress: Rue De Seine
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Free People & Asos
Groom’s Suit: Zimma Tailors
Bride’s Hair: Tony & Guy
Bride’s Makeup: Moon Shine Makeup
Florist: Blossom and Willow Floral Design
Cake: Bambu Indah
Catering: Bambu Indah
Wedding Stylist: Chantel Covey 
Wedding Planner: AZB Creative
Entertainment: Buena Tierra Band
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