Let Them Be Little | Mini Maid Style

5 Mar

24 What up babes?!

This post should coming with a warning. No seriously, if you’re even a little bit broody, LOOK AWAY NOW!

No, I’m kiddin’ (kinda), but you are  gonna totally lose it over the sweetness of these mini maids and their incredible style. As you well know, here at FBrides we whole heartedly endorse being totally free spirited in all areas of your wedding life (blurred line right now, no?!) and of course that translates into allowing your mini maids that wild child freedom that we so adore in them…

Yeah, this is a style post for kids, but with the overriding notion of ‘Let them be little’.

Styled, but loosely. Chic, but free; your minis will be rockin’ a seriously awesome look, but will effortlessly enjoy every second of it!

1 Before we get into it, I’m gonna give you a heads up: we’re totally doing the ‘all white’ thang with this post.

Why? OK, here’s our reasoning:

a) mini maids are all absolutely darling. And nothing shows off their beauty better than a neutral, understated palette.

b) sometimes convincing super minis to get involved in the wedding can be a little tricky, especially if your bridal party includes a shy little bae. Dressing your gals in white will get them that mini-me vibe… And no little honey can say no to pretending to be the bride!

c) because, did you see the image above?! White on white is perfection at the best of times, but a host of beautiful small people carrying your train… #imean! They’re your little crew and if it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it’ll certainly do the trick for us!

d) because twinning is so hot right now.

Now, shall we?…

2 4 We’re head over heels. White neutrals are just such a celebration of natural beauty.

Those gorgeous people are totally wearing the dress, not the other way around.

You see them first. Not the dress colour, or the embellishment, or the shoes or their intricately braided up-dos…

Nope. You see those hella beautiful souls.

Plus, hello? Summertime country weddings just demand mini people dressed in stunning bohemian dresses, wandering through the woods.

Hashtag I might be a little bit in love.

5 22 Left: Once Wed  Right: Colin Cowie Weddings

10 14 32 33 Left: Apri-cots  Right: Trend Hunter

Of course, all this talk of understated style isn’t to say that the dresses need be simple, unless that’s your thang, of course (And if it is, high five!). You can most definitely include all those bohemian details that we LOVE.

Tassels, beaded embellishment, broderie anglaise, ruffles, fringing: check, check, check, check, check! The key is to keep it child friendly, and keep it all neutral and matte, allowing your minis to run wild and free, without care of their attire (how we love them best), and allowing their simply divine personalities to shine on through!

The same goes for accessories. Obviously, bare feet are our preference for the tinies, but if that just isn’t feasible then keep to the festival vibe: tan leather sandals or little nude leather ballet pumps on their feet, and their hair? Let it do it’s own sweet thing: air-dried un-styled locks topped with a flower crown or a boho band, super loose, wispy top knots or messy bed head waves for the ultimate ‘I woke up like this’ style for your smalls.

Seriously though, I can’t even…

17 12 13 Left: Nelly Stella  Right: Style Me Pretty 

25 28 29 Left: Once Wed  Right: Shoedipity

And for your super, super mini people, who said it had to be a dress?

White bloomer romper, anyone?!


7 16 8 11 The socks. OH, the socks.

The playfulness of this look is just too much to handle!

Children, being children (while looking freakin’ SCRUMMY)

And we’ll permit a tiny splash of natural colour for extra playfulness…

19 How much fun are those gals having?!

Precious doesn’t even cut it!

3 9 20 21 6 Love this mini-me style.

It’s not exactly twinning, but the similarities, the ties between to the two dress styles create such cohesion between bride and maid.

There is no ‘flower girl’ rule. Sure, they can be cutesy if that’s how you wanna play it, but there is something so incredibly beautiful about the bohemian chic bride, accompanied by an innocent child-like version of her style.

Looking at the image above, the fitted style of the bride’s peplum dress, juxtaposed with her little’s loose fitting, drop waist smock dress is perfectly complimentary; each accentuates the beauty of the other. They’re similar, but different.

And if there’s one thing we know to always prove true, it’s that there’s beauty in contrast.

15 18 26 27 Left: Captain and the Gypsy Kid  Right: Captain and the Gypsy Kid

23 30 31 Left: Hola Mama  Right: kviddevitt

34 35 Let them be involved. Let them be free. Let them be little.

Tell us, how are you styling your mini party people? Are you letting them have their say?

We wanna hear how it’s working out for you and your smalls!

Peace + Love


A Carnelian Sunset | Orange is the New Black

4 Mar

23 Morning, you fabulous humans!

I hope we find you well this fine Wednesday! Today we are announcing the arrival of Spring (it’s done, I just decided!). Screw the weatherman and any other official dates we’re supposed to adhere to, if we’re gonna survive the rest of the week, then a good dose of spring/summer brilliance and colourful cheer is in order, wouldn’t you agree?

And what other than this: our b-e-a-utiful ‘Carnelian Sunset’ moodboard.

Imagine yourself (you might wanna put your feet up and close your eyes for a moment) basking in the warmth of the setting sun on the edge of the warm sands of the Arizona desert, or strolling through the spice markets of Goa, inhaling the orange dusty haze rising from the towers of ground cumin or maybe, just maybe, you’re lounging by the Zambezi river with your beloved, gazing deep into the burning sunset…

Are you with me, or what?! Let’s escape this hump day and let our senses wander someplace a little warmer…


Orange really is the new black and especially for the brides and maids of spring/summer 2015.

Whether it’s Mara Hoffman’s shimming gold gowns and bronzed limbs against that dreamy desert-like set, a satsuma ombré skirt or a minimal, chic burst of colour with Wanderlustlife’s Carnelian necklace and rio drop earrings, you need to think only of these exotic reddish tones, gals.

10 38 11 12 Left: Wanderlustlife Necklace  Right: Wanderlustlife Rio Drop Earrings

39 18 26 Left: Refinery 29  Right: Chloé

That lingerie. No really, I want it seven days a week (and I’m sure my beau wouldn’t be complaining too loudly either!)


And that rusty tied neck maxi? It’s the ultimate in grown-up cool for your maids, paired with a smokey eye and messy hair, but you knew that already right?


15 6 7 Left: Americana Anna  Right: They Roared Vintage 

We love these pops of blissful coral warmth next to cooler shades of sparkle. Pair with slate grey silver and white, or dusky teal, smattered with gold for the ultimate bridesmaid palette.

Edgier that FKA twigs, and we love it.

Of course, as you’d expect, fashion’s twin sister ain’t missing out on this glorious shade either!

Butter London’s Silly Billy will not be leaving my claws from now ’til September. K? Thanks, bye!

33 36 37 Left: We Heart It  Right: Olivia Helena Taylor

That warm blush at Mac is just incredible, and the faked freckles? Kind of a big deal for this summer, just FYI.

34 3 5 Left: Design Love Fest  Right: Alexandra QT

35 31 32 Left: Your Green World Collections  Right: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily

…Like, give us all the orange makeup. Now. We’re totally besotted with this look. Whether you’re in it for the delicious lips, the hyper-bright mani (and pedi; we’re not animals!) or festival-style-drama of orange eyes… Adventurous brides and super cool maids, come hither!

Now, the serious stuff: food is getting radiculously pretty right now…

(like, more than ever before! No, seriously it may steal your bridal thunder!)

…And orange coloured eats?

Undeniably delicious.

20 25 29 Left: K Werling  Right: One Kings Lane

28 Come on, though.

From serving fresh satsumas in place of canapés, to cakes topped with mini satsumas (I have no idea what they actually are?! But, for real, they’re awesome) to an abundance of vine-ripened cherry tomatoes to dress all your salads, these golden food stuffs are a must.

Now, from one plant to another…

(Tedious link, I know. Go with it, it’s a mood board!)

27 30 Left: Adored Vintage  Right: It is What it is

22 Flaming bouquets (No, not literally! Then again, if you’re looking for something truly original… No I’m kiddin’) are gonna be hitting Pinterest in their masses this spring/summer.

Big luscious blooms, with all shades of gold, coral, peach, rust and sunset yellow bundled into one stunning mass of colour, offset with grey-green, spindly foliage.

It’s bold, it’s unusual and it’ll make jaws hit the floor.

Just how we like it.

21 19 Left: Lili Baba  Right: Reasons to Breathe

Of course, the florals don’t stop there!

With the rise of the Botanical Stationary trend, the aforementioned sunset blooms are hitting the paper too, babes.

In fact, bursts of these warm, saturated tones are cropping up all over the stationary market, and hot damn, do they look well, hot damn!

9 14 Left: Style Me Pretty  Right: Seven Swans

13 4 There really is nothing finer that a capitalised serif font in a shade of deep coral right now…

Ahem. I’ve put my font-geek back in it’s closet again, apologies!

And last, but my-goodness it’s not least, you’d better believe that Orange, along with her sister, Fuscia, and their twin brothers, Turquoise and Apple, have RSVP’d ‘yes’ to the party…

In other words, wedding reception colour palettes just got bright, bright, bright!

8 16 The ultimate shade of fun, orange isn’t just that exotic warmth you’re endeavouring to capture at your wedding, it’s the life and soul of the party.

Get a little wild with it!

As long as your material is of a natural, matte effect (e.g. paper, wool… You know the drill) and you’re only applying little punches of this powerful shade, orange is the key to a vibrant, playful reception!

17 There’s really only one word for it, and that’s ‘KAPOW!’

Here’s hoping we’ve reawakening your senses, your summer soul and a playful, exotic vibe in you this Wednesday!

Now, who else is craving a satsuma? Just me?

Peace + Love

Clare X

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